1. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking to ensure everyone is ready at the room start time. Anyone arriving late to the group will not be allotted extra time.
  2. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  3. You play the real-life escape game at your own risk.
  4. Players are not to damage or vandalize items within the premises. This includes but is not limited to: locks, furniture, game items and accessories, as well as the bathrooms, hallways and any part inside 106 Main St. East Player’s are liable to bear the cost of intentional damage.
  5.  Please keep the clues, solutions for puzzles and combinations a secret, so others can enjoy the game as well.
  6.  You will have 1 hour to uncover all of the clues, solve the puzzles and unlock the final door in order to escape. Everything you need is already in the room and just needs to be uncovered/discovered.
  7.  Please read any notes carefully, if it reads Do Not Touch it is not part of the game.  Additionally, there are no clues under the carpet, behind door frames/trim or in the ceiling tiles. Everything you use in the room is meant to be able to be reset in 5 minutes after your game is over, please be gentle with our props.
  8.  You may ask for up to 3 clues. If you need more clues we will give them to you however your team will be disqualified from earning a spot on our wall of fame.
  9. Cancellations may result in the loss of your deposit. 
  10. Have fun!

Team Building - Birthday Parties - Sports Teams - Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties - Office Parties - Class Trips

106 Main St East North Bay, On (705) 493-6216 By appointment Only.