Christmas Inheritance

The family has been invited to Aunt May's house to celebrate the Christmas season. When you arrive you find the lights are off and no one appears to be home. No worries, you know where she keeps the spare key! After a few minutes of debate the family decides to open the door and wait inside for Aunt May to return. You quickly realize this is not just Aunt May being forgetful, she intended for all of her family to be here when her inheritance letter was found. Reading out loud to the group you explain how the inheritance will work. Your family will need to work together to solve Aunt May's puzzles and retrieve the last known copy of her will.

60 mins
4-10 players

Team Building - Birthday Parties - Sports Teams - Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties - Office Parties - Class Trips

106 Main St East North Bay, On (705) 493-6216 By appointment Only.